Katarina Šonjić


I am Kat.

Your partner in shaping employer branding processes, designing employee experience and crafting that employer brand with clarity.

Employer branding processes are like mazes.

It’s fun and games until you’re in one. Crafting something sustainable and aligned with your culture takes time, but can be fun too! 

Choosing the right tools and approach can make your experience truly exceptional and I can show you how.

How I can support you

1-on-1 Mentorship Program

You need to develop employer branding processes and develop your skills but you feel either personal or organisational bottleneck (or both)?  I’ve been there, both in-house and with more than 50 of my mentees

If you work with me, you will:

You will book a short intro call with me where we’ll meet and see how we can work together.

Strategic Project

You want to kickstart strategic employer branding processes but you are not sure how to do it or don’t have enough capacity? I got you!

Crafting EVP, employer branding strategy or employee advocacy with me you will get:

You will book a short intro call with me where we’ll meet and see how we can work together.

New perspective

If you’re already immersed in employer branding processes but have a lot of questions, or if you’re venturing into something new and seeking feedback—this is for you. 

You are asking yourself:

You basically just need that someone with a fresh perspective and different point of view. I am that someone! 🙂

You will book a 1h consultation slot with me.

Feel how I work before you make your decision

TOOLBOX for facilitating great employer branding processes

DAILY CHALLENGE INSPIRATION CARDS for boosting your employer branding ideas

From Taekwondo discipline to effective Employer Branding processes

It all started like this…

As an active athlete and competitor, I devoted 11 years to achieving my dream of reaching the Olympic Games—a journey that allowed me to be an ambassador for true sportsmanship, something I am immensely proud of. 

Even after my sports career, not much has changed. 🙂 I still aspire to be an ambassador, but this time for something equally great—exceptional employers. I want to be the driving force and support for those dedicated to building a healthy brand story and being outstanding employers. I aim to be part of teams where people often think, ‘They provide a great environment for growth and development!’ or ‘They have really made a positive change.’

But then…

My goal is for my actions to demonstrate that things can be better and that, after working with me, the team, company, or brand is even better than before. I’ve decided to fully dedicate myself to this mission, channelling my energy into every collaboration.

Employer branding is my professional passion, and I approach every project in this field with great enthusiasm. I would be delighted to share my energy and contribute to the realisation of your ideas. 🙂

I don’t get defensive when someone asks what the ROI of employer branding is.

Before becoming a consultant at the beginning of 2021. I was working in-house, delivering internal and external activities, localising EVP and setting up the first employer branding strategy.

During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve worked with different companies on setting up the employer branding processes, EVP and strategy. I mostly enjoy combining design thinking methodology with employer branding and employee experience design processes, and that’s why I co-founded Employer BrandSprint.

It’s very important to learn from each other and grow together. Motivated to connect with employer branding professionals all over the world, I founded Empple Festival gathering awesome people every year in October.

How I work


Combining in-house and consultancy experience, I aim to build custom solutions and guide you through your ideal experience.



I am aware that you would like support along the way and to not be left alone with sketchy templates. Everything we do is a collaborative process through which we learn and develop new approaches tailored to the needs, ambitions, and context of the employer.



Every person I’ve worked with wanted the same ─ stable processes and changes that will bring results. For significant changes, perseverance, dedication and consistency are essential. I can support you in getting there.


Without good energy and a nice gut feeling, rarely anything becomes successful and special. Through my work, I bring positive energy and exciting methods to foster creativity in the workplace. If something can be fun, then it should be! 🙂

Want to meet? Lovely! I want to meet you too. 🙂

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